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The Enormous Potential of Cold-Calling

It’s worth making a big effort to see cold calling in a different way because it is both a key to personal success and to business success.
Why does cold calling hold so much potential?

Cold calling uniquely:

1. positions you in a crucial pivotal role – you are an interpreter, translator, controller
2. is the key to new fresh opportunities – business and anything else
3. and more generally the cold calling capability empowers you to define and determine and take control of your own future.

Cold calling by its nature opens business opportunities that are new, fresh, ‘shape-able’, free of baggage and history, and not weighed down by unhelpful patterns and expectations, etc.

Also, cold calling situations can largely be of your own making.

You are in charge. You own it. You can define each situation as you want – even if apparently you are quite constrained.

Believe it – people who are successful at cold calling can very quickly become extremely independent and powerful.

Your cold calling activities can create effectively a new ‘virtual’ business for yourself, within the organization or project, as if it were your own. This especially applies in B2B (business-to-business), where business opportunities are unlimited.

This is because cold calling is the life blood of all business – and any organized activity. Without it nothing happens. Even in largely automated businesses the automated systems would not have first come into being without someone doing the necessary cold calling. And nothing would develop or improve without someone being able to use basic cold calling skills to instigate the changes.

Cold calling dictates what happens, to whom, when, how – and even if cold calling is positioned and managed as a lowly activity, as is often the case, two things are certain:

cold calling alone can create and be a business in its own right – because cold calling is effectively the ability to make things happen - whereas every other business activity needs cold calling to start up and survive

therefore successful cold callers can go anywhere and do anything - they are entirely self-sufficient and ultimately are not dependent on anyone or anything.

The philosophy applies in consumer businesses (B2C) too, where even if you are forced to work to a script or a strict list of prospects, you still have the opportunity to develop your own strategic ideas and style, which when successful can (if the organization has any sense) be extended into initiatives and campaigns for others to follow – placing you in a key role as a ‘champion’ or trainer or project leader. If the organization has no sense (some don’t) then the successful cold caller can simply leave and start up by themselves, or step up to a bigger job with another employer.

Successful cold callers are always in demand. They can always make things happen – for themselves and for other people.

Contrast these opportunities and outcomes with those offered by existing or established business relationships, or where the selling process has already begun. In these more mature situations the scene has already been set, along with expectations on both sides. The project has a shape, a life of its own, along with the distractions found when supplier and customer are already engaged. The project managers or senior consultants who have to pick things up at this stage have very little of the freedom and flexibility enjoyed by the cold calling sales person.

As a cold calling specialist you will always have the greatest potential – because you are working with fresh open situations – making things happen. Making something from nothing. It’s difficult to put any limited value on such abilities.

Significantly, cold calling situations are the natural preference of all entrepreneurs. Cold calling situations are the natural hunting (or farming) ground of all entrepreneurs.

This is another way to look at cold calling: it is the favoured approach of all entrepreneurs – and the reason most entrepreneurs choose to start up their own businesses – they recognise that the best opportunities are new ones.

Cold calling welcomes and makes the most of a blank sheet. Pastures new. No limits.

Seeing cold calling in these terms is 90% of the personal battle to be successful at cold calling.

To enable cold-calling to be this liberating – especially within an employed role – you have to make it so. You have to want to put your own personal stamp on things. To be creative, adventurous – to see beyond the script – beyond the conventional “we’ve always done it that way…”

Cold calling is an invitation to adopt the mind-set and ambition of an entrepreneur – to see cold calling as the key to opportunities and personal achievement, to independence and choice.

With the right positive attitude to cold calling then rejections cease to be problems. Resistance ceases to be insurmountable. All obstacles become instead welcome steps towards success and achievement. The challenges are now the essential experience towards inevitable success.